Impact Your Local Community-A Case Study on Homelessness - Hosted by Eastside Christian Church

Looking to  help your church get more engaged with issues in your local community? We’ll help you to collaborate with your church leadership  allowing you to make the biggest impact!

Erica Flora

Director of Local Compassion
Eastside Christian Church
How to Have a Spiritual Conversation - Hosted by Saddleback Church

How do I bring up Jesus in a conversation? Do I have to talk to people I don’t know? Do I have the theological knowledge I need to share? Anyone can start a spiritual conversation to help move someone toward a relationship with God, and it doesn’t have to be awkward! 

Jim Dobbs

Saddleback Church
Vulnerable Children & Foster Care - Hosted by Saddleback Church

The Bible has a lot to say about the way we care for vulnerable children. Examine the biblical principles and hear what  research has taught us about caring for vulnerable children.

Max McGhee

Initiative for Vulnerable Children
Saddleback Church
Rethinking Poverty - Hosted by Chalmers Center

Poverty is much more than simply a lack of financial or material resources – many poor people are plagued with social and spiritual poverty, and their view of their value is affected as a result. Poverty alleviation is not just the giving of material things, but taking care of the whole human being: the social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the person. Learn how to rethink your approach to serving the poor.

Brian Fikkert

Founder and Executive Director,
Chalmers Center for Economic Development
Engaging the Immigrants, Foreigners and Diaspora Living in Your Community - Hosted by Mariners Church

We live in a unique time when outreach to foreign cultures can happen across the world and across the street. Learn about diaspora engagement – reaching those living outside of their homelands.We’ll focus on outreach to three specific populations of refugees: foreign nations living locally, international students, and predominantly diaspora constituent churches.

Christian Mungai

Mariners Church
Living on Mission From A Place of Wholeness and Freedom - Hosted by Saddleback Church

We have been called to live life on mission. However, many can serve from a place of emptiness, hoping our service will give us personal value. This workshop will walk through steps to personal freedom so that we can serve from a place of overflow and not need.

Meaghan Grider

Celebrate Recovery, Saddleback Church
Starting a Mental Health Ministry in Your Church - Hosted by Saddleback Church

1 in 5 people will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime. Studies also show when people are struggling with mental illness, the first place they call is the church. The  Mental Health Initiative at Saddleback Church has the tools and strategy you need to begin a mental health ministry in your church.

David Mandani

Pastor of Mental Health
Saddleback Church

Kay Warren

Creating Collaboration in Your City Around Homelessness - Hosted by The Crossing Church

Homelessness is a multidimensional issue that can utilize many players working together in a team effort.  Learn the complexities, facts, and realities of homelessness, and the collaborative approach taking place in one of our cities. 

Ian Stevenson

Executive Director, Trellis
The Opioid Crisis – It’s Closer Than You Think - Hosted by Saddleback Church

The Opioid Crisis – It’s Closer Than You Think

Over 65 percent of all overdoses in Orange County are related to Opioid use. This epidemic affects more people than we know. Our neighbors, people we go to church with and students. This workshop will help educate you on what is happening with opioids in our community.

Johnny Baker

Pastor of Celebrate Recovery®
Saddleback Church
Local Legal Support and Immigration Ministry - Hosted by Friends Church

Throughout the Bible, we are commanded to care for the immigrant, the foreigner and the outsider – those who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society. Your church can start a legal support and immigration ministry from a church already using the model in their local context.

Leslie Mayfield

Friends Church
Justice and Trafficking - Hosted by Saddleback Church

You don’t have to look very far to see the toll racism takes on our society, and with an estimated 40.3 million people in modern slavery, human trafficking lurks just below the surface in both your neighborhood and around the globe.  Discover strategies for how to address human trafficking from all sides – prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation.

Ann Sarmiento

Saddleback Church

Howie Sarmiento

Saddleback Church
How to Launch a Local Outreach - Hosted by Saddleback Church

So you’ve felt God’s nudge to make an impact in a certain area or people group in your community – now what? Learn from experienced leaders how to take your passion and make it a reality. From the initial stages of ideation and structure to launching and maintaining, gain strategies to reach the people you’re called to reach.

Rana Muncy

Mission Director of Regional Campuses Saddleback Church
A Movement of Unity and Collaboration in our Cities - Hosted by Lighthouse Community Church, Costa Mesa, CA

God is moving in cities around the world and there’s a movement of city-centric unity and collaboration taking place.  Discover the common principles relevant to launching citywide collaborative ministry efforts involving churches, businesses, local government, schools and non-profits.

Ian Stevenson

Executive Director, Trellis
The Care & Keeping of Your Volunteers - Hosted by Saddleback Church

If you have ever worked on a team to get an outreach goal accomplished, you know that people/volunteers are our most valuable resource. Learn practical ways to love, lead, disciple, and equip them for growth.

Ron Randle

PEACE Center Pastor Saddleback Church
Communicating to Mobilize for Mission - Hosted by Saddleback Church

Clear communication makes the difference in engaging volunteers. Rethink the way you share about outreach.  Spark new interest while drawing volunteers into deeper levels of commitment through email, social media and grass roots strategies.

Ashley Eure

PEACE Plan Communications
Saddleback Church

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