In some parts of the world, healthcare is a luxury not everyone can afford. At the same time, ordinary people can be equipped with basic skills to care for or prevent the illnesses affecting the largest numbers of people. While not every community has access to a hospital or clinic within walking distance, almost every community has a local church of believers who can learn primary and preventative skills to meet and prevent healthcare needs before they become critical issues.

You don’t have to be a medical professional to learn how to make a local church a center for care and a place of welcome and healing for people struggling with stigmatized conditions like mental health or HIV/AIDS. Gain strategies for equipping families to prevent the biggest disease burdens in their context – including malaria and waterborne diseases.

David Mandani

Pastor of Mental Health
Saddleback Church

Ashley Eure

HIV&AIDS Initiative
Saddleback Church

Sofia Martinez

Dr. Steve Wiersma