What is Pastor Rick’s experience with mission?

Pastor Rick implemented the PEACE Plan at Saddleback Church—a new model of missions designed to help ordinary people find their mission and make a difference for God—without having to be a full time professional missionary. Since then, Saddleback become the first church to send members on mission to serve in every nation of the globe. Through the model nationwide partnership in Rwanda, the PEACE Plan has helped ordinary people in local churches become the heroes in educating the next generation, caring for the sick, planting churches, assisting the poor, promoting reconciliation and training in leadership. Now nations and churches across the world are starting transformational movements out of the learnings of the churches in Rwanda. The information Pastor Rick  will be sharing at this conference is based on his and Saddleback’s 40+ years in ministry!


I have a small church, can I still get involved?

YES! No church is too large or small for missions. We believe God can work through everyone who is willing.


Will you be live streaming the event?

This is hands-on training for learning how to make a difference in some of the greatest needs in the world from orphan care to the opioid crisis. You will be receiving real training to solve real problems in an interactive format. That being said, this event will not be live streamed. 


Will there be content available for download?

YES! After the conference there will be content and training resources available for download for all attendees so you can implement what you learn at your church.


What benefits would there be from a group or whole team attending?

We believe one of the best ways to implement new ideas or strategies is to have your entire team on board. Bringing your entire team or a group of leaders to this conference will help kick start the vision, get everyone on the same page and excited for what comes next!


How could this conference supplement the existing mission work we already do?

This conference is designed to give you hands-on, in person training on how to make an even bigger impact. There will be new and fresh insight into how to execute plans and equip your teams to utilize their God-given design as they serve their communities locally and globally. We will show you how every person—regardless of skill set or personality—can play a role in the work God is doing.


What of this conference covers local mission or is it strictly global mission?

This conference is for ALL mission. Living life on mission simply means partnering with Jesus here and now, wherever we are, to love people well and share the Gospel out of the way you were uniquely designed to serve. There is something for everyone at this conference!


Are accommodations included?

We want you to enjoy your time in Orange County at the conference! We have provided a list of conveniently located and reasonably priced accommodations as well as discounted car rentals for your convenience, but the cost is not included in the conference ticket.

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